Friday, January 10, 2014

Anti Theft Alarm 1.7.01 APK

Anti Theft Alarm 1.7.01 APK

Anti Theft Alarm

This application allows you to take more security on your privacy things, no one can try to snoop on your phone, no one can hack facebook status when you leave the room, and no one can read your texts when you are take a shower.

There are manu features that make it very easy to use and more effictive, such that :
Remote Activation by Internet
Paranoid Mode (Sounds alarm even if in standby).
Motion Activated Alarm
Adjustable Sensitivity
Password Protected Unlock
6 Unique Skins
Alarm Activation Delay Control
Alarm Deactivation Delay Control
Lost Password Recovery.

It is a free application, download it and start using.

Download Anti Theft Alarm