Friday, December 6, 2013

Automagic * Automation 1.19.0 APK

Automagic * Automation

Automagic * Automation 1.19.0 APK

Automagic * Automation 1.19.0 APK

Automagic Premium application is interested in automate your android device with flowcharts, you can get free evaluation version for this application by follow this link:

Also this application can helps you to automate many operations, like: change settings depending on location, send every SMS as a mail to GMail, automatically reply to an incoming SMS, turn off Wifi when the battery is almost empty, turn off Wifi when you leave your home, turn Wifi on when you arrive at home, turn on the airplane mode in the evening and turn it off in the morning (Android 4.2 requires root), make weekly backups of files, and automagically start recording a task in Gleeo Time Tracker when you enter your workplace and stop recording when you leave.

It is not free application, put 3.82$ in our hands and get it.

Download Automagic * Automation 1.19.0 APK